* Andrew Dunstan ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Keep in mind it took years to get OpenSSL support up to the level we
> > have it now.  It took SSL experts coming in and out of our development
> > process to get it 100% feature-complete.  Doing this for another
> > library, I am afraid, isn't trivial, unlike the above options.
> Not only that, but in every other case of an extra library, it provides us
> either with more platform support (e.g. libedit) or more functionality
> (e.g. dtrace). That's not the case here - we would simply be supporting
> another way of getting the same functionality on platforms where we
> already have a library that supports it.

As I mentioned previously there are at least some features GNUTLS has
which OpenSSL doesn't (though I don't pretend to know the level of
importance).  There is also the license difference (which there *is* a
pretty clear difference in the license between the two, and some might
prefer one or the other, regardless of if there's actually a problem or



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