Magnus Hagander wrote:
Knut P. Lehre wrote:
Installing postgresql 8.2.0 on Windows XP Pro SP2 using the msi
installer dated 2006-12-04, with libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll (both
dated 2005-07-06) (and libiconv-2.dll, libintl-2.dll, and libpq.dll)
from a previous installation (of version 8.0.5) already present in
c:\windows\system32. These files in system32 did not appear to be
updated during the 8.2.0 installation. Instead new files were placed
in the postgresql bin directory: new versions of libeay32, ssleay32,
and libpq, the same version as the present of libiconv-2
(2003-01-31), and, surprisingly, a libintl-2 with an older date
(2003-02-01) than the file already present in system32 (2004-04-27).
Is the libintl-2 supposed to be downgraded to a previous version?

Not really :) Dave, can you comment on this?

There does seem to be some mismatches in the build repos for each version. I'm not in the best place to sort that right now - any chance you can sort it out? I uploaded an update to pgFoundry a few days ago.

Regards Dave

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