Nobody has proven an issue exists. The only way to prove it would be
for an actual court case to set the precident.

That's exactly the mentality that I'm questioning. Why always go to legal boundaries and ask for courts?

Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Further, OpenSSL is not saying that an issue exists for them. They are
saying that *some* people *may* have a problem with it.

Neither do they say that one can simply ignore their advertising clause and that everybody is save from being sued.

And further, the OpenSSL license is not violated if OpenSSL in included in GPL software, the GPL license is. Thus it's probably quite irrelevant what the OpenSSL FAQ says about GPL violations.

I agree that PostgreSQL (being BSD-like) should not care too much about the GPL. But we should care about the OpenSSL license, as they seem to take their advertising clause quite serious.

At a minimum, please move this thread to -advocacy.

I disagree, sorry. IMO, this is an important subject hackers should know about. (And it has nothing to do with "PostgreSQL vs. the rest. Promotional ideas, etc.", what -advocacy is said to be about.)



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