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While we are on the topic, I have implemented a poor mans nested transaction feature into my database access layer. essentially subsequent calls to begin a transaction after the initial begin simply increase an internal counter and set a savepoint. as you commit the transactions the counter is decreased and the savepoints are released. maybe this could be implemented inside postgresql to make the life of modular programmers easier?

Yeah, it's called "SAVEPOINT foo" and "RELEASE foo".

Err, I think you misunderstood what I said. My implementation uses SAVEPOINTs already. The point is having some API where you do not have to care of you are already in a transaction or not. Depending on if you are it will either open a new transaction or simply place a savepoint.

with the following invented commands:
MBEGIN FOO1 // open transaction; set counter to 1
MBEGIN FOO2 // set savepoint FOO2; set counter to 2
MBEGIN FOO3 // set savepoint FOO3; set counter to 3
MROLLBACK FOO3 // rollback to FOO3; set counter to 2
MCOMMIT FOO2 // release FOO2; set counter to 1
MCOMMIT FOO1 // commit



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