Stephen Frost wrote:
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> * David Boreham ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Stephen Frost wrote:
> > >erm, I'm not really sure what you're saying here but perhaps I can
> > >clarify:  I wasn't suggesting to add any serious amount of source code
> > >to PostgreSQL - NSS would be used just as OpenSSL is today, and as 
> > >GNUTLS support was proposed, a seperate library which is distributed 
> > >independently of PostgreSQL but can be compiled against.  I don't know
> > >
> > I suspect that Andrew was concerned about the dependency NSS has on NSPR.
> [...]
> Ah, this does sound rather ugly and not something we'd want.  The
> particular library doesn't make a whole heck of alot of difference to me
> provided it has the general functionality necessary and a compatible
> license (where 'compatible' in this case really means 'Debian feels it
> is compatible with the GPL').  It'd be wonderful if OpenSSL's license
> was the same license PostgreSQL has.  Honestly, we'd be happy to stop
> pissing off both those who license their code under the GPL (by asking
> for exceptions for OpenSSL) and core library maintainers (by asking for
> GNUTLS support, though in general I like to have options).

Keep in mind in most cases OpenSSL is already part of the operating
system, unless you are using Win32.

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