Stephen Frost wrote:

* David Boreham ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
Stephen Frost wrote:
Not sure what license that's under,

'NSS is available under the Mozilla Public License, the GNU General Public License, and the GNU Lesser General Public License.'

Works for me then, and it's already packaged in Debian.  The only
downside that I can see is that the work isn't done yet and if we want
to support both OpenSSL and NSS then the patch will be at least somewhat
invasive/large (since I doubt NSS's API is anything like OpenSSL's,
please correct me if I'm wrong).
Unfortunately the NSS and OpenSSL I/O design is quite different.
There has been talk over the years (since at least 1996) of adding
OpenSSL-like interfaces to NSS, but AFAIK this has never been done.
NSS presents a 'layered' I/O model where the application talks to
a socket-like API. It also depends on NSPR. For these reasons
I would hesitate to recommend it for use in a server vs. OpenSSL.

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