Gavin Sherry wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2007 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > 1. Pull source directly from repositories (cvs, git, etc.)  PLM
> > doesn't really track actually scm repositories.  It requires
> > directories of source code to be traversed, which are set up by
> > creating mirrors.
> It seems to me that a better approach might be to mirror the CVS repo --
> or at least make that an option -- and pull the sources locally. Having to
> pull down >100MB of data for every build might be onerous to some build
> farm members.

Another idea is using the git-cvs interoperability system, as described
here (albeit with SVN, but the idea is the same):

Now, if we were to use a distributed system like Monotone this sort of
thing would be completely a non-issue ...

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