Jim C. Nasby wrote:
> It might make sense to provide a programmatic interface to pg_dump to
> provide tools like pgAdmin more flexibility. 
Are you talking about "pg_dump in a lib"? Certainly a good idea, because
it allows better integration (e.g. progress bar). 
> But it certainly doesn't make sense to re-create the dumping logic.
> In terms of integrating pg_dumpall and pg_dump; I don't really care if
> that happens, 
I can't make too much sense of integrating pg_dumpall anywhere. Dumping
a whole cluster is certainly much of a planned job, not an interactive
online one, because its output usually won't be usable except for
disaster recovery. Not much function to "re-create" here, single
exception is extracting cluster wide data, the -g option, that's why I
mentioned scripting. But apparently this didn't get into pgadmin svn any
more, so I need to retract this proposal.


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