Simon Riggs wrote:
> > > Also, I dunno much about DTrace, but I had the idea that you can't
> > > simply throw a PG_TRACE macro into the source and think you are done
> > > --- isn't there a file of probe declarations to add to?  Not to mention
> > > the documentation of what probes exist.
> > 
> > I didn't like the macro in that area anyway.  It seems too adhock to
> > just throw it in when we have so few places monitored now.  Removed.
> err... why are we removing it? The patch should have included an
> addition to the probes.d file also, but that should be fixed, not
> removed. Don't we normally reject incomplete patches?
> You can't say we don't have many probes so we won't add one. There never
> will be many if we do that - its a circular argument.

The trace probe was incorrect and kind of at an odd place.  I don't
think we want to go down the road of throwing trace in everwhere, do we?
I would like to see a more systematic approach to it.

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