Tom Lane wrote:
> Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The following testcase(extracted from a much much larger production code 
>> sample) results in
>> WARNING:  TupleDesc reference leak: TupleDesc 0xb3573b88 (2249,1) still 
>> referenced
>> CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function "foo" line 4 at block variables initialization
>> ERROR:  tupdesc reference 0xb3573b88 is not owned by resource owner Portal
>> CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function "foo" while casting return value to 
>> function's return type
> Hmm.  What's happening is that the record-function call creates a
> reference-counted TupleDesc, and tracking of the TupleDesc is
> assigned to the subtransaction resource owner because we're inside
> an EXCEPTION-block subtransaction.  But the pointer is held by the
> function's eval_context which lives throughout the function call,
> and so the free happens long after exiting the subtransaction, and
> the resource owner code quite properly complains about this.
> In this particular case the worst consequence would be a short-term
> memory leak, but I think there are probably variants with worse
> problems, because anything done by a RegisterExprContextCallback()
> callback is equally at risk.
> I think the proper fix is probably to establish a new eval_context
> when we enter an EXCEPTION block, and destroy it again on the way out.
> Slightly annoying, but probably small next to the other overhead of
> a subtransaction.  Comments?

we use exception blocks heavily here so anything that makes them slower
is not nice but if it fixes the issue at hand I'm all for it ...

> BTW, both of the CONTEXT lines are misleading.  The WARNING happens
> during exit from the begin-block, not entry to it; and the ERROR
> happens after we've finished fooling with the result value.  I'm
> tempted to add a few more assignments to err_text to make this nicer.

yeah wondered about that too when I tried to produce a simple testcase -
the errors did't seem to make much sense in the context of what
triggered them. Improving that would be a very godd thing to do.


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