Ha ha... thx Tino
Yes, I think this is way to go, strange how my mind climbs the wrong tree sometimes :) I actually need to aquire a transaction across several dB's, check if the conditions are right, and then modify some tables, write and remove some triggers. Transactions in postgres are 2 sophisticated, I dont think they will hold the locks at the level I need them. But I was thinking (climbing out of the wrong tree;)... I can just aquire exclusive locks on the tables, and hey presto, users are on hold while the software checks the dB's. Effectively creating a very rough transaction, with the lock scope needed? ... ie it will keep users out long enough to align several dB's... I'm hoping?

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================ maybe I'm in the wrong tree================

Yes I'm thinking that too:

Is it possible to make quick structural changes to postgres, with user activety?

of course.

Maybe start a transaction that changes structure... wonder if that will stop or hold user activity???

Usually not - all your DDL is done in a transaction just like any other
access users would make. So it only fails (but as a whole) if you want
to modify locked tables and such. But you would not end up w/ a partly
changed database in any case. Just make sure you do everything in
a transaction. No need to suspend user accounts for that.


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