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It's should clear enough for now - dump data from old db and load into new one.
But dump should be without any contrib/tsearch2 related functions.

Upgrading from 8.1.x to 8.2.x was not tivial because of very trivial
change in API (actually not really API but the content of "pg_ts_*"
tables): russian snowball stemming function was forked to 2 different
ones, for koi8 and utf8 encodings. So, as I  dumped my pg_ts_* tables
data (to keep my tsearch2 settings), I saw errors during restoration
(btw, why didn't you keep old russian stemmer function name as a
synonym to koi8 variant?) -- so, I had to change my dump file
manually, because I didn't manage to follow "tsearch2 best practices"
(to use some kind of "bootstrap" script that creates tsearch2
configuration you need from default one -- using several INSERTs and
UPDATEs). And there were no upgrade notes for tsearch2.

So, I consider upgrading process for tsearch2 to be a little bit
tricky till present. I assume it will be improved with 8.3...

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