Andrew Dunstan wrote:
I am constantly running into this:

Q. Does PostgreSQL have full text indexing?
A. Yes it is in contrib.
Q. But that isn't part of core.
A. *sigh*

Where on the website can I see what "plugins" are included with PostgreSQL?

Where on the website can I see the Official PostgreSQL Documentation for
Full Text Indexing?

With TSearch2 in core will that fix the many upgrade problems associated
with using TSearch2?

contrib is a horrible misnomer. Can we maybe bite the bullet and call it something else?
After years of PG use, I am still afraid to use contrib modules because it just *feels* like voodoo. I have spent much time reading this mailing list and on IRC with PG users, and I know that contrib modules are on the whole tested and safe, but the lack of web documentation and any indication of what they do other than "check the notes that come with the source" makes me just feel like they are "use and cross fingers" type thing.

I don't know how hard it would be to implement, but perhaps contrib modules could be compiled in a similar way to Apache modules. E.g., ./configure --with-modulename with the onus for packaging them appropriately falling onto the shoulders of the module authors. I feel that even a basic module management system like this would greatly increase awareness of and confidence in the contrib modules. Oh, and
+1 on renaming contrib
+1 on the need for a comprehensive list of them
+1 on the need for more doc on the website about each of them, onus falling on module authors, perhaps require at least a basic doc patch as a requirement for /contrib inclusion.

- Naz

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