I thought that the following todo item just barely missed 8.2:

"Allow a warm standby system to also allow read-only statements [pitr]
This is useful for checking PITR recovery."

I assume it's not on this list either because it is already complete and slated for 8.3, or it is going to take too long to make it into 8.3 or it has been rejected as a good idea entirely or it's just not big enough of a priority for anyone to push for it to get into 8.3.

It is the one feature that would make the most difference to me as it would allow me to very easily set up a server for reporting purposes that could always be within minutes of the live data. I know there are other solutions for this but if this feature is just around the corner it would be my first choice.

Does anyone know the status of this feature?


Rick Gigger

Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Or so... :)

Thought I would do a poll of what is happening in the world for 8.3. I have:

Alvaro Herrera: Autovacuum improvements (maintenance window etc..)
Gavin Sherry: Bitmap Indexes (on disk), possible basic Window functions
Jonah Harris: WITH/Recursive Queries?
Andrei Kovalesvki: Some Win32 work with Magnus
Magnus Hagander: VC++ support (thank goodness)
Heikki Linnakangas: Working on Vacuum for Bitmap Indexes?
Oleg Bartunov: Tsearch2 in core
Neil Conway: Patch Review (including enums), pg_fcache

Vertical projects:

Pavel Stehule: PLpsm
Alexey Klyukin: PLphp
Andrei Kovalesvki: ODBCng

I am sure there are more, the ones with question marks are unknowns but
heard of in the ether somewhere. Any additions or confirmations?


Joshua D. Drake

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