Henry B. Hotz wrote:
> Henry B. Hotz:  GSSAPI authentication method for C (FE/BE) and Java (FE).
> Magnus Haglander:  SSPI (GSSAPI compatible) authentication method for C
> (FE) on Windows.
> (That fair Magnus? Or you want to volunteer for BE support as well?)

Seems fair and about what we discussed. And no, I won't volunteer as
long as you're on it - not sure I'll have the time to do it all in time.

> GSSAPI isn't much more than a functional replacement for Kerberos 5, but
> it's supported on lots more platforms.  In particular Java and Windows
> have native support (as well as Solaris 9).

Yeah, getting rid of the dependency on MIT KRB5 on windows would be very
nice indeeed.


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