Alvaro Herrera wrote:
I'd suggest sticking to something closer to the current two-phase design
where you make some preliminary decision which database to send a worker
to, and then the worker determines exactly what to do once it can look
around inside the DB.  Possibly we need some back-signaling mechanism
whereby a worker can tell the launcher "hey boss, send help" if it sees
that there are enough tables that need work, but I'm unenthused about
having the launcher figure that out itself.

Hmm, yeah, we'll probably need some communication channel eventually.

Maybe my IMessages code could be of use?

It's still awfully slow compared with UNIX pipes or even System V IPC message queues, since it uses LWLocks for sending and retrieving messages. That could certainly be optimized, maybe even towards a lock-free implementation, which could theoretically be as fast as System V IPC messages. OTOH, such stuff is hard to get right.



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