> > And, shared_preload_libraries is processed (in the postmaster) before
> > the shared-memory segment is created, so a shared_preload_library can
> > call RequestAddinShmemSpace() and RequestAddinLWLocks(), but a
> > local_preload_library cannot.
> That doesn't seem like an issue though, since the copy in the postmaster
> will have done that anyway.

You're right - we need the copy in the postmaster (to setup shared
memory and LW locks), and we need them in the backends too.  I just want
to avoid having to set both shared_preload_libraries and
local_preload_libraries (to the same thing).  Adding a call to
process_shared_preload_libraries() in SubPostmasterMain() seems to fix
the problem for me.

Thanks for your input.  I'll submit a patch.

            -- Korry

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