Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Keep in mind all contrib loads into public, and I don't remember any
> > namespace conflict issues in the past.
> >   
> That is beside the point. Of course there haven't been conflicts - 
> precisely because a single group controls the whole lot. What I said was 
> that we should behave as sane third party extension authors would, 
> namely to use their own namespace to protect themselves from conflicts 
> with other unknown extensions. It's called setting a good example or 
> eating your own dog food.

The problem I see controlling per-user search_path if +10 extensions are
instlalled, and you want them always to be available by default.

Also, are we going to use per-schema permissions so that the schemas are
not visible by default?  That _might_ allow us to install more by

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