Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> > I will claim this for now. I will let it go if I can't get at least
> > something productive done on it by end of January.
> Now that the embargo period seems to be over, I think it would be a good
> time to add it to the TODO list.  Also, I'd modify the idea slightly to
> allow a more general facility, using %-escapes (or similar) for line
> numbers, dates and so on.  Bash allows something like this (albeit
> limited to only times) using the HISTTIMEFORMAT environment variable.
> This is the first case I know of of an embargo to an agreed TODO item.
> Why was it put in place?  I find it distracting, because the item has to
> be put on someone else's TODO list and then that person has to pinch
> others to get it added to the central TODO list.  Not sure I see the
> point.  (I understand about bashing Joshua ---a sport I also practice in
> Command Prompt's internal lists ;-) --- but in this case it seems to be
> counterproductive).

The only reason it isn't on the TODO is because I am still catching up
for the 8.3 queue.  I know of no embargo.

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