Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Guido Goldstein wrote:
>> Is it possible to tell me which python versions you want to
>> support?

> There are still products shipping with 2.3 (e.g. RHEL4). I'd be 
> surprised if we need to go back before that.

As far as Red Hat is concerned, we won't be trying to get PG 8.3 and up
to run on anything older than RHEL4, so python 2.3 is old enough.  Not
sure how the release timing has worked out for other distros ... but the
presence of python 2.3 in the buildfarm says to me that it's still
fairly popular.

[ digs a bit more... ]  Actually, it looks like Fedora Core 1 shipped
with python 2.2.3, which means that's what buildfarm member "thrush"
is running.  So you probably don't want to break 2.2 either, at least
not for a basically cosmetic patch.  I don't say that we'd reject a
patch that breaks 2.2 compatibility, but you'd need to put forth a
sufficient justification.

                        regards, tom lane

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