Joshua D. Drake wrote:
To cure the shortage of experienced Postgres folks there is only one
solution - err, more experience! So the need is for good training
courses (not necessarily certification and all the IMHO nonsense that
comes with that), and a willingness on the part of employers to invest
in upskilling their staff.

You know its funny. Command Prompt, OTG-Inc, SRA and Big Nerd Ranch
*all* offer training.

Last I checked, OTG had to cancel classes because of lack of demand
(please verify Chander).
We tried to offer classes in Santa Clara, CA (and may do so again), but didn't have sufficient demand to run them. There were 2 people that had expressed interest in that class. However, I will say that in 2006 that was the only class we canceled (keep in mind though, that we run courses at our headquarters *regardless* of the number of students enrolled - it's our policy to not cancel classes here...) On another note, I will say that we're doing well enough to support the project through SPI...
Command Prompt currently only trains corps with 12+ people per class so
we are a bit different.


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