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Iannsp wrote:
I did like to know what you think about the postgresql certifications provided for

PostgreSQL CE


My question is about the validate of this certification for the clients.
Make difference to be certified?
IMHO, the SRA certification has been around for awhile, and I believe it has some credibility in Japan...While I'm not sure what its credibility is like here in the US - the fact that it has credibility in Japan is a big plus .

The CertFirst certification (, seems to be administered online (as opposed to SRA's which is at a PearsonVUE test center) - which basically means that it's open book, open note, call your friend, copy the questions, etc. It also seems that CertFirst runs the certification themselves under what appears to be a shell company called "examsonline". It looks to be more of a marketing ploy than anything else....
Correction...I just checked and it looks like they've updated their web site and no longer refer to the examsonline online I'm not sure where/what their exam entails now. Their site used to refer to an exam through ... You'll have to contact them for details...

Based on the fact that they are a provider of training under the WIA act in IL, I'd suspect that they need a certification so that they can sell their programs to the unemployed folks that are getting free training on the gov'ts dime.

thanks for advanced.

Ivo Nascimento.

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