On Feb 1, 2007, at 5:08 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
std. use rename only for triggers and variables new and old. It has sense. I don't see sense for rename in clasic plpgsql functions. There was one reason, rename unnamed $params. But currently plpgsql support named params and this reason is obsolete.

Unless things have changed it can be a real PITA to deal with plpgsql variables that share the same name as a field in a table. IIRC there's some cases where it's not even possible to unambiguously refer to the plpgsql variable instead of the field.

For internal variables there's a decent work-around... just prefix all variables with something like v_. But that's pretty ugly for parameters... get_user(user_id int) is certainly a nicer interface than get_user(p_user_id int).

But I think a way to get around that would be to RENAME the arguments in the DECLARE section, so user_id could become p_user_id under the covers.

So perhaps there is still a point to RENAME after-all, at least for paramaters.
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