But I think a way to get around that would be to RENAME the arguments in the DECLARE section, so user_id could become p_user_id under the covers.

It's one case. But I don't belive so result will be more readable. Better solution is using names qualificated by function name. I am not sure if plpgsql support it. I thing so Oracle support it and SQL/PSM support it too.

 create or replace function fx(a integer, b integer)
 returns void as $$
   declare la integer, lb integer;
   select into la, lb tab.a, tab.b
      from tab
    where tab.a = fx.a and tab.b = fx.b

I am sorry. I don't belive so using RENAME is better

So perhaps there is still a point to RENAME after-all, at least for paramaters.
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