Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
oh, good point. OK, I have cut this quick patch that will continue to accept the legacy syntax in psql in non-inline-query cases, but will make psql unreservedly emit new style syntax for COPY to the backend. Does that seem reasonable, or is it too much of a change for the stable branch?

We've never promised that psql's backslash commands would work at all
with older backends, so I think removing compatibility with pre-7.3
backends at this point isn't a problem.  OTOH, going out of your way
to remove compatibility seems a bit pointless, so I'd vote against the
"have_query" parts of this patch.  Just change the output format.


The consequence will be, though, that psql will accept a syntax for "\copy (query) ..." that the corresponding backend command would reject were we not transforming it. That strikes me as potentially confusing.

I don't have very strong feelings either way - anybody else have an opinion? If not, I'll go with Tom's suggestion.



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