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> > Add documentation for Windows on how to set an environment variable. 
> > Backpatch to 8.2.X.
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> >     pgsql/doc/src/sgml:
> >         libpq.sgml (r1.224 -> r1.225)
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> The exact naming and placing of the buttons you click is version
> dependent.  For example, if you use "Classic Folders", it's not there.
> For that one, the common ground is to right-click and select properties
> instead, works for both.
> And the dialogs look completely different between Win2000 and XP/2003.
> Luckily in this case the button is named the same, but the placement is
> completely different.
> I don't have a Vista around right now, but given how much else they've
> changed, it wouldn't surprise me if this has also changed...

OK, text trimmed down to a hint:

  Environment variables on Windows are set as a property of <literal>My

> Bottom line: do we really want to document for people how to use
> Windows? I don't see us documenting how to set an environment variable
> in Unix... And *if* we want to do it, might it live better in the
> Windows FAQ?

I think environment variables are used rarely enough on Win32 that we
should supply a hint.

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