On 2/6/07, Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> actually, here is some more relevant bits from the log.
> Feb  6 06:31:33 mojo postgres[1088]: [1-1] :: LOG:  autovacuum:
> processing database "template0"
> Feb  6 06:31:33 mojo postgres[1088]: [2-1] :: ERROR:  could not access
> status of transaction 544441911
> Feb  6 06:31:33 mojo postgres[1088]: [2-2] :: DETAIL:  could not open
> file "pg_clog/0207": No such file or directory

I guess the problem here is that autovacuum believes that template0
needs a database-wide vacuum due to Xid wraparound getting closer.  And
that database seems to have Xid 544441911 somewhere, the clog bit for
which was in the 0207 file which was deleted some time ago.

Latest checkpoint's NextXID:         2162841139
2^31:                                           2147483648

is this related?

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