Merlin Moncure wrote:

> ya, it doesn't seem to match, as this seems to be repeating quite
> regularly.  interesting that my 'clog' files start at 06B6 and count
> up. 0207 is way off the charts.
> a lot of applications are hitting this database, and so far everything
> seems to be running ok (i found this log msg by accident), but I am
> now officially very nervous.

I don't think there's much cause for concern here.  If my theory is
correct, this is an autovacuum bug which was fixed in 8.1.7.

What I'd do is create a 0207 clog file, fill it with 0x55 (which is
"transactions committed" for all transactions in that interval), and do
a VACUUM FREEZE on that database.  You'll need to set
pg_database.datallowconn=true beforehand.

Of course, I'd copy the files somewhere else and experiment on a scratch
postmaster, running on a different port, just to be sure ...

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