Simon Riggs wrote:
> Heap Only Tuples ("HOT") is a simplification of earlier proposals for
> improving the way the server handles frequent updates, based upon what's
> been learned and feedback received.
> Heap Only Tuples
> ----------------
> The basic idea is that when a tuple is UPDATEd we can, in certain
> circumstances, avoid inserting index tuples for a tuple. Such tuples are
> marked HEAP_ONLY_TUPLE, but their storage is otherwise identical to
> other tuples. The pre-conditions for allowing a HOT UPDATE are
> - UPDATE doesn't change any indexed columns

Uhmmm... how often is that the case? Don't get me wrong, bravo but that
seems a rather large limitation.

Considering it, this would certainly be a boon in web space where you
have things like Rails doing:

UPDATE foo SET first_name = 'Barney' WHERE id = 1;

That would qualify correct?


Joshua D. Drake


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