Hello PostgreSQL Hackers,

I have made a modification of PostgreSQL which accelerates INSERT/UPDATE using 
UPS. The name of the software is "Sigres", and the philosophy is considering a 
battery supplied memory as a persistent device instead of a disk. You can 
download Sigres from http://sourceforge.jp/projects/sigres/ .

In the maximum case, Sigres is 7 times faster than PostgreSQL default 
(fsync=on) in my environment (CoreDuo 2.66GHz, UDMA/133), and it is also 10% 
faster than PostgreSQL without fsync (fsync=off).

The magic lies in usually skipping XLogWrite() and ignoring WALWriteLock. The 
exceptions are XLogWrite() calls from AdvanceXLInsertBuffer(). In addition, in 
XLogFileClose() issue_xlog_fsync() before close(). (In this point, Sigres is 
different from just simply setting fsync=off.)

Although I think Sigres can be considered as one of the future directions of 
PostgreSQL, I do not know whether this software can be accepted or not. Could 
you please give me some comments ?

Best Regards,

-- Hideyuki Kawashima 
Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba

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