Tom Dunstan wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
As for actually adding it, grep for all references to ANYELEMENT and add
code accordingly; shouldn't be that hard.  Note you'd need to add an
anyarray2 at the same time for things to keep working sanely.

The enum patch [1] does exactly this with an ANYENUM pseudo-type. It should provide a pretty good overview of what will be required.

Whoops. I just had a look at the mail that Matt referenced at the top of this thread. An anyelement2 would require a bit more than what anyenum does, as the type-matching code that ensures that all generic args are of the same type would have to be changed, unlike anyenum. Hope I didn't lead you down the wrong path, Matt. OTOH, following the enum patch should land you in roughly the right areas, and you'd still need to add ANYELEMENT2 references in all the places that I had to add ANYENUM as well.



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