Tom Lane wrote:
So it seems neither can_coerce_type() nor find_coercion_pathway() are
really particularly well thought out in terms of what they test or don't
test.  I'm not very sure what a good refactoring would look like,
but I am sure that I don't want all their call sites having to
individually account for ANYfoo types.  Any thoughts?

Yeah, I remember thinking at the time that some of it was a bit backwards, but it's been almost 6 months since I did the original enum patch, so I'll need to refresh my memory. I'll have a look over the weekend and see if I can come up with something that'll work for these various cases. To begin with I'll need to do a survey of the call sites to see what they really need, since perhaps it isn't what the coerce functions are currently offering. :) I completely agree that anything requiring call sites to understand specifics about ANY* types is a bad idea, the most that we would want would be a generic IsGeneric(typoid) macro, but it would be nice to hide that inside a coerce function as well. We'll see.



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