Alvaro Herrera wrote:

I haven't understood Alvaro to suggest not keeping 3 numbers.

Right, I'm not advocating not doing that -- I'm just saying that the
first step to that could be decoupling physical position with attr id
:-) Logical column ordering (the order in which SELECT * expands to)
seems to me to be a different feature.

Except in the sense that divorcing the id from the storage order makes it possible to do sanely. :-)

Incidentally, I'm sure there would be a full scale revolt if there was a suggestion to alter the visible behaviour of SELECT *, COPY and other commands that rely on the logical ordering (which is currently, and unless we provide commands to alter it would stay as, the definition order). That's the order pg_dump should use IMNSHO - it should never have to worry about the physical order nor about explicitly setting the logical order.



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