> > Yes, that was the idea (not oid but some number), and I am arguing 
> > against it. Imho people are used to see the logical position in e.g.
> > pg_index
> >
> Which people are you talking about? In my commercial PG work 
> I hardly ever look at a system table at all, and users 
> shouldn't have to IMNSHO. 

You are probably right. I tend to resort to commandline tools, schema
dumps and system tables, probably not many other "people" do that. I
often don't get to use my perferred toolset because it is not installed.

> If you mean tools developers, then accomodating to catalog 
> changes is par for the course, I should think.

The question is, whether the distributed work needed to get all the
tools and interfaces (like jdbc, odbc, pgadmin) to work again isn't more
work, than doing it in the backend would be.

Since we want plan invalidation anyway, I am not sure the rest is so


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