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I think it would be better that leaving --with-libxml out (i.e.
compiling without libxml2 support) would only disable those parts in XML
functionality that require libxml2 for their implementation; the rest of
the stuff should be compiled in regardless of the setting.

Is this not what is done currently?

The thing is that some functions of "XML support" are based on
libxml2, some are not. libxml2 contains useful routines to deal with
XML data. Now we have: XMLELEMENT uses such routines and XMLPI
doesn't. Actually, all SQL/XML publishing function could be
implemented w/o libxml2 -- but it's more convenient to use those
routines in some cases... And there is no guarantee that functions
that don't currently use libxml2 will not use them in future.

What I want to propose is just simplification -- consider all XML
stuff as one package, including XML type, SQL/XML publishing, XPath
funcs, additional publishing functions recently added by Peter (btw,
who knows -- maybe libxml2 will help to improve them somehow in
future?), etc.

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