Zeugswetter Andreas ADI SD escribió:
> > > And I also see a lot of unhappiness from users of system tables
> > > when column numbers all over the system tables would not be
> > > logical column positions any more.
> > 
> > Right now the fact that attnum presents the logical order but 
> > not the logical position is a problem for the JDBC driver.  
> > In the presence of dropped columns there is no easy way to 
> > get from a pg_attribute entry to logical position.  I would 
> > hope that a new logical position column would reflect the 
> > actual position and solve this problem.
> I agree, I haven't thought of drop column :-( Drop column should have
> relabeled attnum.
> Since it was not done then, my comments are probably moot. 

We can correct this problem now.

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