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markus> > So far, I'm getting the sense that there are a lot of
markus> > opinions on what replacement system to use, a bit carelessly
markus> > before having answered the above questions thoroughly.
markus> markus> How did you get that impression?

You said it yourself: Most PostgreSQL developers currently want to
stay with CVS.

Uh, yah. But I was refering to the "lots of opinions on what replacement system to use". This has not much to do with the want or need (for lack of a better alternative) to stay with CVS, IMO.

Unless there's a majority that wants to move on, I doubt there will be
a move.  In the end, it has to be a group effort, or it will simply
not happen.

I absolutely agree. And I'm quite sure most PostgreSQL developers also know that, thus I don't see much point in warning them - they are resistant enough ;-)

As you might have noticed, I myself don't consider monotone ready for use by the PostgreSQL project, yet. And I've never advocated for switching *now*. I only made Tom's point...



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