Am Freitag, 23. Februar 2007 09:08 schrieb Simon Riggs:
> If this is standards-breaking as you say, I would withdraw immediately.
> I checked the SQL standard and could not see how this would do so. The
> standard states SELECT * would return columns in order; it doesn't say
> what that order should be,

b) Otherwise, the <select list> “*” is equivalent to a <value expression> 
sequence in which each <value expression> is a column reference that 
references a column of T and each column of T is referenced exactly once. The 
columns are referenced in the ascending sequence of their ordinal position 
within T.

> nor does CREATE TABLE enforce the ordering to 
> be the same as it has specified, AFAICS.

b) The column descriptors of every column of T, according to the Syntax Rules 
and General Rules of Subclause 11.4, “<column definition>”, applied to the 
<column definition>s contained in TEL, in the order in which they were 

Peter Eisentraut

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