Bruce Momjian wrote:
Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:
Simon Riggs wrote:

If this is standards-breaking as you say, I would withdraw immediately.
I checked the SQL standard and could not see how this would do so. The
standard states SELECT * would return columns in order; it doesn't say
what that order should be, nor does CREATE TABLE enforce the ordering to
be the same as it has specified, AFAICS. Please correct me and I will
withdraw. Practical issues seem far stronger drivers than standards
issues here, which is why the parameter would default=off.
I did not follow the entire thread. I just wanted to point out that IIRC MS SQL Server (and maybe also Sybase) do automatically optimize the internal order of how columns are stored to move fixed length (which also means non NULLable for these two servers) columns to the left. Maybe this will serve as a reference point (not necessarily for standards compliance of course).

And that optimized ordering shows up with SELECT *?

no .. like i said its just the internal order ..
I think I learned this piece of information from reading "SQL performance tuning" by Peter and Trudy .. dont have the book here right now to give a page number.


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