Bruce Momjian wrote:
> My typical cycle is to take the patch, apply it to my tree, then cvs
> diff and look at the diff, adjust the source, and rerun until I like the
> diff and apply.  How do I do that with this setup?

The most similar to what you're doing would be to
merge the patch's branch into yours.   It's about
exactly the same amount of work as applying a
patch (a one liner if there are no conflicts).

>From that point you could continue exactly as you are now - with the
additional benefit(?) that the checkin history of the branch should (I
hope) be preserved through the merge process so the SCM's history would
let you see which changes from the patch came from the submitter and which
changes came from the modifications in your tree.

(I think this SCM requirements list
 is one of the more interesting.
 The two features I like about the distributed systems are
   # 5. Branching preserves full history
   # 6. Merging preserves full history.
 so the history of the branch (including which changes
 came from the submitter and which were modifications
 in your tree) are preserved when they're eventually
 committed to head.)

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