5 weeks to feature freeze folks. Please provide updates including if you
think you will have a patch submitted before feature freeze. Be
realistic, if you can't make it -- say so.

Alvaro Herrera: Autovacuum improvements (maintenance window etc..)
Gavin Sherry: Bitmap Indexes (on disk), possible basic Window functions
Greg Stark: WITH/Recursive Queries?
Andrei Kovalesvki: Some Win32 work with Magnus
Magnus Hagander: VC++ support (thank goodness)
Heikki Linnakangas: Vacuum for Bitmap Indexes, Group Index Tuples
Oleg Bartunov: Tsearch2 in core
Neil Conway: Patch Review (including enums), pg_fcache
PeterE: XML
ITAGAKI Takahiro: Dead space map, load distributed checkpoints
Stephen Frost: Default permission per object/schema
Tom Lane: Cost based functions, operator overhaul, Plan Invalidation?
Simon Riggs: HOT ( you know he just is )
Pavan Deolasee: HOT ( never met him )
Teodor Sigaev: Tsearch2 in core (with Oleg)
Jeff Davis: Synchronized scanning
Henry Hotz: GSSAPI (with Magnus)
Andrew Dunstan: Something with COPY? Andrew?
David Fetter: Arrays of compound types

Looking for updates on Updateable views. Anyone? Bueller?

Vertical projects:

Pavel Stehule: PLpsm
Alexey Klyukin: PLphp
Andrei Kovalesvki: ODBCng
Neil Conway: pgmemcache
Josh Drake: pgmemcache

This close to feature freeze it is really time for people to get
pounding on patch review!!!


Joshua D. Drake


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