Warren Turkal wrote:
> On Friday 23 February 2007 17:30, Gregory Stark wrote:
>> The distributed systems sound neat and do sound like they match our style
>> of working. But they seem like a big leap for a project that's still using
>> a buggy unmaintained pile of spaghetti code for fear of change. Subversion
>> is the path of least resistance in that nothing has to change, we can
>> choose to use new features if we want but otherwise it's basically a CVS
>> 2.0 with a new name (and active maintenance).
> The interesting thing about Git is that is has two way sync support for a SVN 
> repository also. You could run a Git repository pushing changes in real time 
> to a SVN repository and present a CVS frontend also. I would like to try 
> converting the CVS repository of PostgreSQL to Git and try setting some of 
> this stuff up. Does anyone know how I could get the CVS repository files?

AFAIK, git still does not support windows properly[1], which I would say
is a killer... Unless you can of course to everything you need through
one of those frontend protocols, but if you can do everything that way
then why would you need git in the first place?


[1] per git homepage, only cygwin is supported. Cygwin != windows, and
not acceptable for a windows developer. The only other option being a
pure java plugin to Eclipse, which would require Eclipse, which is of
course also not acceptable. Per: http://git.or.cz/gitwiki/WindowsInstall.

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