Andrew Dunstan wrote:
O.k. everyone pay attention, I am about to agree with Greg! ;)

Greg are their tools to migrate CVS to monotone or whatever your
favorite is? The reason I ask is that I migrate the CVS to SVN every 4
hours I think it is and it isn't perfect.

monotone ships it's own cvs_import. I'm about to improve that, using roughly the same algorithm as cvs2svn 2.0. The cvs2svn people are very well aware that their version 1.x is good, but has problems in some areas.

There is a generic conversion tool called Tailor that might help you: http://www.darcs.net/DarcsWiki/Tailor

Tailor does not have support for branches, but can only convert one branch at a time. And it is not half as clever as cvs2svn regarding clever reconstruction of broken or manually tweaked CVS repositories.



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