On Friday 23 February 2007 11:11, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> If you are looking for a CVS replacement, that replacement is SVN. I
> don't think anyone can reasonably argue against that statement.

It seems to me that the best reason for keeping CVS is that the build farm 
uses it. There are solutions for maintaining anonymous CVS access (e.g. [1]) 
when moving to SVN.

A secondary problem is that of portability. SVN is the best supported for 
portability. I was able to find links to downloads for most of the archs of 
the build farm from the Subversion site. The previously mentioned ability to 
maintain CVS anonymous access should help with this part also. SVN also has a 
lot of tools for different platforms. There is even plugin for Visual Studio 
for Windows if that kind of thing trips your trigger.

Moving to SVN would maintain the same model of development and get many nice 
features (e.g. atomic commit, cheap tagging, etc.). This type of transition 
has been executed successfully by many open source projects, including KDE 
(big development group) and Bacula (small development group). 

What would you all think about moving to SVN if the anon CVS checkout can be 
made to work? I'll even volunteer to set it up.


Warren Turkal (w00t)

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