On Monday 26 February 2007 10:04, Markus Schiltknecht wrote:
> Hi,
> > I'll have to try kdiff3 - but the "merge" command, although it often
> > works, I strongly dislike when it marks up the lines as "there was a
> > conflict here" and gives you three files in the directory to choose to
> > start from. This is far too manual, which invites mistakes.
> Agreed that this is somewhat annoying, but hey, it's a command line
> tool. How else would you solve displaying conflicts?
> > If kdiff3 is more like the ClearCase
> > graphical merge utility, I would far prefer that. Can you say "I want
> > change 2 followed by change 3" with checkboxes, a live final version to
> > view, and the ability to manually type or adjust lines in the final
> > version to view?
> Yup. That's possible. And much much more... ;-)  (I don't know the
> ClearCase tool, so I can't really offer a comparison, sorry.)

FWIW ClearCase also offers a command line version of its merge tool, where it 
shows three columns (a la diff --side-by-side) and allows you to pick which 
column you want to merge in (repo, change1, or change2 for example).  It's a 
nice attempt at doing it on the command line, but the graphical version is so 
much better it's worth it to work out remote X and use that instead :-)

Robert Treat
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