> True, but usually I don't see the breakage.  What concerned me is you
> saw some of the breakage, but still went ahead with the proposal.

That's completely unfair, Bruce.  This is a *discussion list*, and hackers are 
free to propose and discuss even far-out improbable ideas in the hopes that 
someone else on the list can make them work.  -hackers is not a clearinghouse 
for already-perfected work; that's -patches.

For my part, I continue to the interested in this proposal and would like to 
see some performance benchmarks on it.  If there is enough performance gain, 
I think it would be possible to implement a "logical" order which was 
different from the "physical" order.  Such a feature would also allow us to 
give the MySQLites the ability to re-order columns they keep asking for.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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