> Could you also please share your thoughts on what would be a good
> student profile- for instance, how much theoretical background and
> practical experience, for working on a SoC project?

Well, it shouldn't be the student's first year writing code.  Basically, 
they're committing to developing a feature *to completion* in 3 months.  
We're going to be evaluating  proposals based on whether we think students 
can do that.

References of some kind will be important, given that we'll only be 
accepting about 12% of proposals.  So, some demonstration of the student's 
ability to code from either the open source world or previous coursework.

I don't know, honestly, that we care very much about theoretical 
background, except where it relates directly to and cutting-edge concepts 
in you proposal.  PostgreSQL-space is littered with half-completed 
academic projects; we're not seeking more of those.  


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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