"Jim C. Nasby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Yes, but the list being discussed is SoC projects that the community
> would like to see done, which means most people would assume that #1
> isn't an issue.

> We need to make sure that every project on the list of SoC ideas is
> supported by the community.

Agreed, except that in most cases a one-liner description of an idea
isn't enough to get a meaningful reading on whether people think it's
sane or not.  To take our current example: do you think a one-liner
description of full disjunctions would have gotten any feedback, except
for requests for more detail?

I'm not sure how we fix that --- laying out every acceptable project
in great detail in advance won't happen for lack of manpower, and wouldn't
be a good idea even if we could do it, because that sounds like a great
way to stifle creativity.  At the same time we can hardly promise to
accept every wild-west idea that someone manages to turn into some kind
of code.  What can we tell the students other than "get as much feedback
as you can, as early as you can"?

                        regards, tom lane

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