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Before we rehash recent debates, please, everybody, review them. Going
over and over and over the same ground laboriously is really getting
tiresome, and unfortunately it's also getting more frequent. It's *déjà
vu *all over again.

History does tend to repeat itself, doesn't it?  I just assumed it was never
discussed based on Josh's response.

database is appropriate and when it isn't. If we put it into a tracking
system (presumably database backed) that would be another matter, but
that has gone nowhere as usual.

A tracking system is what I was referring to, if it didn't have a front-end
then it would be quite pointless to have it in a database.  Honestly, I
think Trac even does this, but I am far from familiar with that tool -- I
have just seen other projects with "roadmap" items which categorized TODO
tasks into future releases.

There is some point in putting it in a wiki where we can gather relevant
documents, links to discussions etc. That's why the developers' wiki was
established, AIUI.

To be honest, it may be adequate to maintain this solely through the Wiki.
The only thing I see lacking is specifically who is handling tasks, and what
release it is planned for.  Perhaps, I am just looking in the wrong place?

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