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Tom Lane wrote:
"Sergey E. Koposov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Per user AND per database (as Tom noted).  But I dont see what's odd in
it... It exists in Oracle, and I need quotas in the project on which I'm
working. And I remember user requests for quotas in the mailing lists ...

It hasn't ever made it onto the TODO list, which means there's not a
consensus that we need it.  If it were a simple, small, low-impact patch
then you probably wouldn't need to do much convincing that it's an
important feature to have, but I'm afraid the patch will be none of
those things.

We need this kind of feature in our scientific project I and Sergey are
working on. We provide access to big pool of astronomical catalogs and
ability to match users data with these huge catalogs and we want to
be able to provide sort of QoS.

Pg became very popular in Russia, especially after the biggest
accounting and enteprize management software developer "1C" (about 800,000 installations) has been supporting Pg and I expect
a large interest to Pg this year, especially from the application providers,
shared environment.

btw, this should be announced in -advocacy, I and Teodor worked on Pg port, some patches we have submitted was grown from that work.

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